D. Va’s Overwatch Animated Short Makes Us Swoon More!

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When I play Overwatch, I usually just hop on and main D.Va. I love that she and her tank are very robust and have a lot of health. Frankly, you need it when the character is huge within the game and an easy target because of the not-so-subtle pink colors. Yes, I’m a guy and yes I still rock the original pink, its a classic! Really, its more of a Magenta. Thats what my designer side says anyway.

Until now,  I’ve played with D.Va because of her style and functionality, but after watching her animated short, I want to main (aka use a lot) D.Va even more because of her personality and story. You see I’m a car guy and like fixing things. She’s a Mech/Meka person and loves fixing things. Sometimes I just want Hot Cheetos and bowl of Cup Noodle soup. D.Va also eats chips and instant ramen noodles. So you see we have a lot in common and the newest Overwatch origin story makes her super relatable.

Check out the awesome animated short, Shooting Star“, below and who knows maybe she’ll swoon you over too. We all know this game is about the tanks anyhow *winks*.

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