2K’s Battleborn Starts With Epic Anime

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2K Games’ latest blockbuster, Battleborn for the PS4, XboxOne, and PC, features a dynamic cast of characters trying to save the last remaining star in the universe and their adventure kicks of with this gorgeous and fabulously stylized anime intro.

The intro which is created by Secret Sauce Studio features the rag-tag heroes of Battleborn assembling together against the enemies out of what seems to be escape capsules, followed by some epic mayhem of course. The move to use an anime at the start of a videogame is somewhat refreshing as many big budget games these days use highly polished CG scenes ala World of Warcraft Trailers. This anime with its exceptional use of color, shape, and loose animation, paints a beautiful picture of the action to come and sadly leaves us hungering for more.

The short action anime is also greatly dramatized by the foot-pounding music of Deltron 3030 which features an excellent group of DJ’s. I could not help but induce into a head bobbing trance the moment the lyrics and beat came on. If you have a few seconds to indulge in some beautifully paced and drawn animation give this video, shared by the French Anime Collectors Catsuka, a view and turn up your speakers!

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