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Warner Bros Launches Aquaman Trailer

This weekend the new Aquaman Trailer was released by Warner Bros. Studios at Comic Con 2018. The trailer was first seen by those energetic enough to survive the Hall H line on Friday and later released to the multitudes via their official YouTube channel. For

Toyota Gazoo Racing Takes Le Mans

Toyota Gazoo Racing took the 1st and 2nd place podiums at the 86th Le Mans competition at Circuit De La Sarthe this past weekend! Marking a historic event for both parties. This marks only the 2nd time ever that a Toyota vehicle has managed to

IPhone X Wants to Know Your Face

With futuristic tech like a new Super Retina Display, TrueDepth Camera, Face Identification Login, and an upgraded processor the new Apple IPhone X skips a generation and the leap into the new numeral is totally worth it! In a surprise move that shocked many leak-followers

Canon’s EOS M100 Gets Reboot

Ever told somebody that your cellphone’s photos looked as good as a mirrorless or slr camera? Well Canon wants you to stop because all of us serious photographers (the term serious used extremely loose here) know that statement is not really true.  Sure today’s cellphones

Elgato’s New Camlink is a Godsend

Holy Jeebus there is now a simple accessory that will allow almost any camera with an HDMI output to function as a webcam for streaming, vlogging, or direct to pc/mac capture. The Elgato Camlink is the simple  and easy to integrate interface that countless content

The Nike MAG is Back!

One of, if not, the most beautiful sneakers in the planet will be re-released on October 4th 2016 again in order to grow funding for the Michael J. Fox foundation. Previously the sneaker had been released within Nike’s official Ebay account garnering thousands of dollars

2017 NISMO GT-R Gets Fiercer

How do you make an already fierce vehicle with a nickname of “Godzilla” even fiercer? You give it an even more aggressive smile and let it breath like the performance track monster it is. Pictured above is the newly re-designed Nissan NISMO GT-R. For the

Photographing Yosemite like Ansel

Okay, I know what you’re thinking – why should I care about Ansel Adams and his photography? He’s so cliché, everyone thinks they know about photography if they know about Ansel. I know you’re thinking that because I think that, too. However, our downfall is

BMW’s Hommage to the 2002

The BMW 2002 Hommage vehicle recently created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ever BMW 2002 car, which debuted in 1966, is an exceptional study in design and a beautiful tribute to the hard working little car of the 60’s. BMW created the BMW