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Google Announces 3 New Devices

Today in New York City Google debuted 3 new amazing devices in its morning press conference; the new “Google Pixel 3” and the “Pixel 3 XL”, a gorgeous tablet with optional keyboard named the “Pixel Slate”, and lastly an interactive Google Home Display that goes

DJI’s New Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom

DJI recently announced the latest pair of DJI Mavic 2 drones with technology geared towards the more demanding and professional aerial photographers and cinematographers. The newly announced pair of drones will go by the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. Below is a

More Nikon Mirrorless Camera Teasers

Another teaser video was recently put out by Nikon shedding light (pun not intended) on what kind of lenses their soon to be released mirrorless camera will accept. The yet to be named Nikon Mirrorless Camera will rock its own kind of mount featuring new

Sony Announces Flagship Z9F & A9F TVS

Today Sony announced the release of two eagerly awaited for flagship televisions. The 4K HDR A9F and Z9F or the Master Series, as Sony will be calling the pair, are the new top of the line models within the OLED and LED range respectively. Below,

IPhone X Wants to Know Your Face

With futuristic tech like a new Super Retina Display, TrueDepth Camera, Face Identification Login, and an upgraded processor the new Apple IPhone X skips a generation and the leap into the new numeral is totally worth it! In a surprise move that shocked many leak-followers

Canon’s EOS M100 Gets Reboot

Ever told somebody that your cellphone’s photos looked as good as a mirrorless or slr camera? Well Canon wants you to stop because all of us serious photographers (the term serious used extremely loose here) know that statement is not really true.  Sure today’s cellphones

Elgato’s New Camlink is a Godsend

Holy Jeebus there is now a simple accessory that will allow almost any camera with an HDMI output to function as a webcam for streaming, vlogging, or direct to pc/mac capture. The Elgato Camlink is the simple  and easy to integrate interface that countless content