More Nikon Mirrorless Camera Teasers

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Another teaser video was recently put out by Nikon shedding light (pun not intended) on what kind of lenses their soon to be released mirrorless camera will accept.

The yet to be named Nikon Mirrorless Camera will rock its own kind of mount featuring new capabilities and specs. This means that lenses purchased for this new machine will most likely not work on older or SLR style cameras. The opposite according to the new teaser video below thankfully puts Nikon enthusiasts at ease. According to the teaser and press release from Nikon, the new mirrorless camera will accept a first party adapter for ALL F-mount lenses.

We will have more info on August 23rd when Nikon is set to officially present the New Mirrorless camera. Click Here to follow more of the teasers and check as we break down Nikon’s first serious mirrorless camera. 

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