Warner Bros Launches Aquaman Trailer

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This weekend the new Aquaman Trailer was released by Warner Bros. Studios at Comic Con 2018. The trailer was first seen by those energetic enough to survive the Hall H line on Friday and later released to the multitudes via their official YouTube channel.

For those wondering if Aquaman, Starring Jason Momoa, would be talking to fish in the new addition to the DC Universe origin-story library, the answer is… just watch the trailer. Seriously, a lot can be learned from the short 2 minute trailer and one of those things is the answer to that question. It seems this DC universe origin story will tie in the retro version of Aquaman as much as possible albeit with ultra modern special effects. 

The movie is set to release on on December 21st, just in time for adorable Aquaman fish toys to adorn your Christmas tree and fill your stockings before you watch it and watch it you must.


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